Our Cabins Range

A space that is comfortable all year round with built in heating and air conditioning. All without the need to burn fossil fuel and with the peace of mind that only comes with a manufacturers 50 year guarantee.


Home office

Comfortable and professional, our Cuboid is the ideal home office where space inside the house is a problem. Achieve a good work life balance by choosing to work at home in the comfort of a garden office.

Creative Studio

Ideal for artists, craftworkers or startups, our solar studio gives you the space to work in a way that suits you.


Wellbeing is important whether its meditation, yoga or a workout. Take the time to reconnect either for yourself or offering services like massage or reiki in comfort and quiet.

Our cabins are manufactured in Tipperary but we deliver and install our cabins throughout
Ireland by qualified fitters.
If you would like to order or require more information, please get in touch.






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Tel: 052-6133867


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